5 Essential Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

Choosing a good employee for your company is not an easy task. So today we’re going to look at a list of interview questions for a Node.js expert.

5 Essential Node
5 Essential Node

 What is Node.js?

 Let’s start with the fact that Node.js is a special platform that is based on the JavaScript language and allows you to write server-side code for web applications and, of course, web platforms.

 If we talk about a Node.js developer, then this is a programmer who specializes in writing code for both the frontend and backend. Such a specialist can independently create all the functionality of the web platform. That is why such developers are highly valued.

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 Interview Questions

 The most important stage in the selection of candidates in the interview. It is there that you can learn more about a person, understand whether he impresses you, what knowledge he has, and so on. To understand his skills and knowledge, you need to ask certain questions, which we will talk about now. With the help of these questions, you can determine the level of his skills.

 1. What is Node.js?

  Node.js is a cross-platform environment that allows you to run JavaScript code without a browser.

  Various modern web browsers have execution engines that are responsible for interpreting JavaScript code so that a computer can understand it, for example, Microsoft Edge uses one called Chakra, Firefox created Spider Monkey and Google Chrome handles V8.

  For this reason, the same code running in different browsers usually produces different results.

  In 2009, Ryan Dahl came up with the brilliant idea to create a technology that would allow JavaScript to be used outside of the browser to be able to create server programs and API services, as well as interact with the computer’s operating system, network ports, etc., among other things, file management, actions that until now could not be performed in a web browser.

  2. Why do people use Node.js?

  It is very useful for prototyping and developing applications using modern agile methodologies. Everything is also easy to scale. You can program both front-end and back-end with the same programming language. In doing so, you get a more consistent and cleaner code. Therefore, we can say that this is an excellent ecosystem and community for developers.

  3. Is Node.js a programming language?

  No.  Node.js is not a programming language, it is a technology that allows you to execute JavaScript outside of the browser. The programming language you need to know to learn Node.js is JavaScript.

  4. Is Node.js a framework?

  No. Node.js is not a framework, not a bookstore, and not a library. Again, Node.js is a cross-platform framework for running code. Node.js has several frameworks that are used in professional web development such as Express.js, Adonis.js, or Nest.js, but Node itself is not a framework.

  5. What do you need to know to learn Node.js?

  Node, when working with JavaScript as a programming language, it is necessary to know the basic/intermediate concepts of this language. It is also highly recommended to know HTML and CSS, the backbone of the entire web. Node is widely used in API development, so an understanding of its concepts, what it is, how they work, etc. is essential.

 Thanks to these questions, you can understand how competent a specialist is and whether he understands Node.js.

5 Essential Node
5 Essential Node

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