How Accurate Are Horses In RDR2?

Game developers have always had trouble recreating real-life horse mechanics, and there is a good reason for that. Horses are complex animals that have many different characteristics that are hard to be recreated in a game.

However, Red Dead Redemption 2 prides itself on being one of the most realistic games in the world, and since horses are the main focus of the game, it is time to check out how accurate are horses in RDR2.

Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2

Horses are integral to Red Dead Redemption 2 experience, and they are far more than just a transportation method. This is why Rockstar’s objective was to create a deep connection between the main character and the horses in the game.

Also, they’ve decided to make horse riding and the whole experience and mechanics as close to real-life as possible. A mind-boggling work went into designing horses, breeds, their abilities, movement, and much more, and it is safe to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 offers the most realistic riding experience of any game so far.

However, they did not stop by creating the perfect horse-riding mechanics. Rockstar also decided to make horses look as realistic as possible, which is why they’ve introduced many different breeds, all having different physical characteristics. Most games have different colored horses, but not with RDR 2. Here horse’s aesthetics are beautifully captured down to the last muscle.

Each breed comes with different physical characteristics, from height, weight, size, color, build, and more. When it comes to aesthetics, it is worth mentioning that Rockstar went to a point where the horse’s testicles shrink during cold, which reflects their incredible attention to detail.

Rockstar also has put an accent on taking care of the horses you have, which means that they’ve developed a system highlighting the horse’s needs. Each horse has stamina, and energy levels, and requires feeding, brushing, bonding, and taking care of your beloved riding partner. 

But the most impressive thing is the attention to detail and the incredibly life-like movement that horses have in RDR2. The horse’s movement in RDR2 is constructed by four basic elements.

Horses can walk, trot, canter, and gallop. Each mechanic is captured beautifully and it is as close to real-life as possible. Rockstar also made an incredible job transitioning from each movement element, making the entire experience even more realistic.

In order to capture the perfect horse movement, Rockstar actually went to Scotland and recorded thousands of videos of real horses just to learn more about these incredible animals and their characteristics. 

 Horse Breeds in Red Dead Redemption 2

You cannot recreate the perfect horse ability balance without introducing different breeds into the mixture. There are many breeds in RDR2 each having its own abilities and unique build characteristics. Each horse breed in the game is an exact replica of a real-life horse made from thousands of examples of horses from each breed.

Here are the best horse breeds included in the game.

  • Arabian

Arabian is considered one of the best horses in RDR2 due to its incredible abilities, rare coat colors, and versatility. Arabian horses are fast and not easily spooked by unexpected elements from their surroundings. 

  • Missouri Fox Trotter

Rockstar also created different breeds that are specific to certain things. For example, you can get a warhorse, a workhorse, or a racehorse. But the ultimate horse is the one that has a combination of elements. 

The Missouri Fox Trotter is both race and workhorse making it very dependable. This breed can also reach high speed and travel over long distances due to exceptional health and stamina. 

  • Thoroughbred

The most iconic horse breed commonly found in elite races nowadays is the Thoroughbred horse. These horses are as accurate as they come as you can see them in the thoroughbred racing news, winning famous races like the Kentucky Derby.

This is one of the fastest horses in the game with incredible acceleration, but since it is a racehorse it is not good for traveling over longer distances.

TurkomanThis is another multi-class horse that has the perfect mixture of a standard and a warhorse. The Turkoman has high health and stamina, making it perfect for everyday use. On top of that, it features above-average acceleration and decent speed.

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