How do the top football games compare?

As the most popular game in the world, football occupies a special place in the hearts of millions of football fans all over the planet. They buy season tickets to see their favorite teams travel nationally and internationally to cheer on the players that they support and dedicate their free time to watching their favorite games.

There is also a whole industry dedicated to producing merchandise and football-related items designed to provide fans with everything they need to demonstrate their love of the beautiful game. Many fans enjoy the chance to leverage their knowledge of the game with premier league betting, using their understanding of the players’ strengths and weaknesses to predict the outcome of matches accurately.

Many fans will also make the most of the opportunity to take on their dream job as manager of their fantasy football team in a virtual realm. Games such as ‘Football Manager’ provide all the fun and excitement of managing a football team to the extent that many professional footballers choose to play in their free time, creating teams that comprise their top players and compete against their fellow players to lead their teams to virtual victory. 

Players such as Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe have been spotted playing the popular game, making the most of the ability to buy their team-mates and even themselves to make the game even more exciting. But anyone who wants to try their hand at managing their own dream team can get a slice of the excitement, putting together the team they most want to see on the pitch and finding out if their tactics are enough to send them to the top of the league. 

Football Manager versus real life

One of the most appealing things about the game of Football Manager is the degree of research that goes into it to make it as accurate as possible and allow players to capitalize on their ability to spot talent. Many fans will learn about the next crop of up-and-coming players by signing relatively unknown players in Football Manager only to discover that those same players start to make a name for themselves in real life within a couple of seasons. 

The level of detail is one of the other aspects of the game that players find so compelling as their success depends on their ability to keep their team happy as well as just putting together a winning line-up. Well-being is just as important in the game as it is in real life, and players are at their most effective on the pitch when they are secure in their positions off the pitch. 

The inclusion of the players’ dressing room hierarchy, based on their relative seniority within the team, their social groups, and the time they have spent playing for the club, makes the job of a manager even more realistic and engaging. Fans can follow the real-life trajectory of their favourite players’ careers and use their knowledge of how they really interact to put together a strong team. 

The appeal of FIFA 

The other major player in the football gaming sphere is the hugely popular FIFA series which has been providing gamers with an immersive footballing experience for more than 20 years. The hyper-realistic nature of the gameplay means that players can rely on the real-life physics of how the ball moves, but the nature of the wider game means that players can enjoy every aspect of international football without having to leave their living rooms.

The different modes available allow gamers to experience everything from grass-roots football played in the streets to top-level international matches featuring the most impressive stars of the season. The different modes are the perfect way to get an overview of the global phenomenon that is the football industry, from up-and-coming talent to the superstars at the top of their game.

Players have praised the attention to detail, in everything from the way the weather changes depending on where you are playing to the movements of the players as they chase down the ball on the screen.

Other football games have also generated a significant fan base, such as Pro Evolution Soccer which has totaled sales of more than $107 million compared to FIFA’s impressive $260 million. In comparison, Football Manager generates just $18.1 million, which may well reflect the more specialist nature of the gameplay. 

For fans of the beautiful game, being able to create your own footballing universe that incorporates every aspect of the real thing is a real treat. From playing in five-a-side tournaments with unknown players to choosing and nurturing the ultimate team – football fans can enjoy stellar careers as talent scouts, statisticians, managers, players and coaches, and all from the comfort of their own homes.  

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