How to Become a Successful Streamer

The term “stream” has rapidly burst into our lives, and streaming has become as fashionable and natural as running your own Instagram or Twitter. But who are the streamers, what are they really doing, and most importantly, why are they doing all this? The answer to this question is a real mystery for many people.

Who are streamers

No matter how mysterious and fashionable the word “streamer” may sound, in fact, behind it lies nothing more than a live broadcast host. The only difference is that this person does not work on television but via the Internet. These people can be broadcasting videos from some event, festival, championship, or even just their own sports training or passing a game. The most important thing is to do it in such a way that it would be interesting for others to watch. Otherwise, you simply will not have viewers.

How to become a game streamer if you have a weak game account

In fact, everything is very simple. You can contact a boosting company like SkyCoach, where professional gamers will help you upgrade your character in the game, go through difficult dungeons and raids, and buy in-game currency. However, it is always worth remembering that they give a great start to your streaming career, but then you will need to play on your own. Therefore, you can read guides, watch the game of professionals and learn how to play as well as game boosters.

Where to stream?

There are currently many popular platforms where you can watch or host your own stream, for example, Trovo,, and YouTube.

It is difficult to say which video monetization sites are of great interest to the audience, so you can choose either one to start with, or you can run a channel on several of them at once, tracking where the audience is more responsive specifically to your content.

How much do streamers earn?

It is difficult to call streaming a full-fledged profession, just as blogging does not yet belong to them, but you can really make money from it. And not always for this you need to promote your channel first.

Twitch streaming is alive thanks to donations – donations from users who watch you. Sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars can be donated to some lucky ones at a time. You need to be either lucky or a genius who makes really interesting quality content. As you understand, for this you will have to invest both financially (in your own equipment, and devices), and on your own.

The most important rule of the streamer is – never to beg for donations: it looks inappropriate and rejects the viewer from further viewing. Just make interesting videos and your channel will get the pay it deserves.

For experienced streamers leading popular channels, there are several more ways to earn money:

  • Advertising of certain products during the stream – sometimes it can even be just a device that is in the frame or with which you play, a T-shirt on you, etc. Simply put, acting talent and the gift of persuasion are not always required from you.
  • Providing services, such as explaining an exercise at the gym (if your channel is about sports) or helping you complete a level in a computer game.
  • Affiliate programs with other streamers who are just starting out or want to be more popular.
  • Direct sales of paraphernalia, souvenirs, goods, etc. are the most difficult way, requiring a return and often leading to the appearance of haters.

Pros and cons of being a streamer

The profession of a streamer has not only pluses but also minuses.


  • Possibility of creative realization
  • Free schedule.
  • The possibility of combining with the main work or study.
  • Turning a hobby into an income-generating activity.
  • Good income opportunity.


  • Constant work at the computer.
  • The need to constantly think creatively (this is also tiring), the risk of burnout.
  • Eternal lack of sleep when combined with work/study.
  • The need to constantly upgrade the computer and other hardware.
  • The need for continuous development and improvement of the channel.
  • It is necessary to talk a lot, because of which the throat often sits.

Like any creative business with a “free” schedule, streaming often develops into a business that you do 24/7, without interruption for lunch and other hobbies. Therefore, before you do this seriously, carefully weigh the pros and cons, and also outline for yourself the time that you really can and should devote to your channel.

Some tips for a successful start

To start this business you do not need to look for a job or purchase special equipment, a basic set will be enough:

  1. A modern computer that pulls video processing, and if you stream computer games, then also new games;
  1. A high-quality headset with a powerful microphone (or a separate microphone).
  1. And a good internet connection so that your video does not freeze and people enjoy watching.

Now choose your niche and just start shooting. Maybe soon you will be at the top of the highest-paid steamers.

This is not an easy task at all, and it is worth doing it only if you are really focused on success, you have something to tell the world and you want to be popular. Otherwise, it can become a waste of time and money or just a channel that your mother, grandmother, and closest friends watch.

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