Are you encountering a fatal javascript error on Discord? Discord is one of the most popular platforms for the communities to play their favorite games together, organize meetings, make friends, and share ideas with new people. One can use the application either in the web browser or using the Desktop application.

In the application many times a message comes up which shows “a fatal javascript error has occurred discord”. There are many different reasons because of which the error can come up.

One of the most common reasons are a corrupted configuration file which over activates the antivirus software. This prevents the efficient functioning of the software.

What Causes The Discord Javascript Error On Startup?

Whenever a fatal Discord JavaScript error occurs, the user might not know immediately the reason behind it. In most cases, the reason is the corrupted installation of the application or its services which prevents it from running smoothly.

For many users repairing this error or reinstalling the application entirely resolves the problem.

What Causes The Discord Javascript Error On Startup
What Causes The Discord Javascript Error On Startup

If any other reason is causing the issue then the user needs to dig deeper and make sure that the problem is solved. Some of the troubleshooting solutions are mentioned below in the article.

If the article is not working on PC or Mac then the website can still function on the browser and mobile access to the servers is available.

How To Fix A Discord Fatal Javascript Error?

1. If the user is using the desktop application then it will store files on the device that allows it to run correctly. These files include the configuration settings, the usage logs, and the cached thumbnails along with other data that helps the application to quickly load when the application is reopened.

2. If the data in one of these files is corrupted then the message “discord a fatal javascript error occurred “message comes up and the application will stop working. To help resolve the issue the user can either directly delete the AppData folder or-

  • Open windows file explorer and use the navigation bar, type %appdata% and press the enter key. This will take the user to the Appdata folder.
  • In the folder, the user has to locate the application folder and then delete it.
  • This places the discord application in the recycle bin. The application folder further needs to be deleted from the bin folder and then ensured that the files are removed.

Once all the steps are followed and the AppData folder has been removed, Discord will automatically generate a new set of files which will force the user to sign in again from their account. Following this solution solves the issue in most cases.

3. When the desktop application has a fatal javascript error issue then the next step is to combat the discord error installing issue. To do this the user can-

  • Go to the windows setting menu and then click on the start menu and settings.
  •  Select the apps and features and then scroll down until the Discord is listed in the list.
  • Further, the user has to select the uninstall option for the application.
  • Then they need to allow the removal process to complete itself and then download the website from the desktop application.
  • Once it is downloaded completely the user can run the installer and follow the additional instructions mentioned on the screen.

A new application is installed which will replace all the existing files with the new files. If this solution does not solve the issue then the other mentioned solutions can be tried.

4. Run discord as administrator

discord error installing
discord error installing

If the discord application does not run properly then the privileges that the user deserved may not work. On the standard windows account the discord Exe location won’t harm the device or disable any of the privileges.

  • To do this the user needs to open windows explorer and then open the local discord user data and replace the file folder.
  • In the discord folder, the user may see the folders numbered which can then be opened.
  • In the folder, the user then has to right-click on discord.exe and select the properties option.
  • In the compatibility tab, they can choose the run the program as an administrator and then save the changes made.
  • Once all the administrative privileges are enabled the user can double click on the Exe in the file explorer and run it.

If the issue is caused because of some other reason, then this step may not solve the problem.

How do you fix a JavaScript error occurred in the main process?

The discord desktop application runs from the Appdata folder that is located within the application. Each version of the file is temporary and with an updated file that runs first to ensure that the latest version is installed automatically.

As this folder is protected some additional restrictions might be placed on it for the user and these protections can sometimes get in the way of using the application efficiently.

The settings for the third-party applications can vary and double-check the settings directly to ensure that it isn’t the case. If the antivirus application is causing the issue then the user needs to add it to the allowed list to ensure that it runs without interference.

How do I fix a corrupted discord file?

If the error is fixed or the file is still looking corrupted the user should try to begin the advantage of the feature. They should create their discord server with their community and then expand it using the bots and add games, moderation features, and capabilities.

This can only be done if the user is connected to the application successfully and if the server is still showing some error the user might have to go for an alternative like TeamSpeak or Slack depending on the use case.

Why can’t I redownload discord?

Many users complain about the discord uninstalled itself error because of which even if the user tries to reinstall the application they are unable to do so. To resolve the issue the user can-

How Do I Fix A Corrupted Discord File
How Do I Fix A Corrupted Discord File

1. End the tasks that are running on the Discord application and then press the Windows key and R at the same time.

2. Type taskmgr and then click on Ok.

3. In the process tab select the process related to discord and click on end task.

4. The user might need to repeat the steps a lot of times and then close the task manager.

5. In the run box that appears the user can type %appdata% and then click on Ok. The file explorer window and then click on the folder to delete it.

6. The file explorer will open the new windows and then it should be deleted. The user might then be able to download the application again.


Whenever a user has asked “how to fix a discord fatal javascript error” then the user needs to ensure that they are not using the outdated version of the application.

If the device needs an update the user needs to do that as early as possible so that the device drivers do not face any issue.

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