Is now the right time to buy property in Dubai?

The good news for sellers and investors is that property prices in Dubai have finally started to increase. And although they have not yet reached pre-pandemic levels, it is still considered a positive omen for those who have invested their money in the emirate’s market.

According to the Dubai Real Estate Report for the first half of 2021, there have been more than 15,596 transactions in the metropolis. Their total cost was more than 37 billion UAE dirhams. These numbers show significant growth not only compared to the same quarter last year (Q2 2020). Dubai Hills is considered one of the popular districts among ex-pats. If you want to be among the number of its lovers, you can check property for sale in Dubai Hills.

Now the main question arises – is it the right time to buy real estate? Of course, yes. Here are some of the factors that show that now is the best time to buy a house in the emirate.

Higher yield

Thanks to the government’s efforts, the Dubai property market has improved significantly following global pandemic recession. However, prices have not yet reached dock levels. This means that there is still some time to buy property in Dubai at discounted prices.

Whether you are an investor or an end-user, you can benefit from this opportunity. As an investor, you can post more listings of your property for sale. And if you are a potential buyer, there cannot be a better time to purchase a luxury property in Dubai.

If you buy real estate in the emirate now, you will soon be able to sell it at higher prices. This enables investors to receive higher returns.

Opportunity to become a Dubai resident

Previously, many people were wary of choosing Dubai as their second home, as there was no way to get a permanent residence permit.

However, earlier this year, the government amended the citizenship law. The government can grant emirate citizenship to a number of foreign citizens under the amended law. Potential buyers can purchase residential properties in Dubai in full ownership. This led to the fact that many foreign citizens began to choose the emirate as their permanent place of residence. Experts believe that in the coming years, even more, wealthy buyers will be drawn to the metropolis.

If you buy real estate in Dubai, it opens up the chances to obtain a residence permit in this emirate. This certainly has many benefits. However, this requires some preconditions to be met. For example, the value of real estate should be 1 million UAE dirhams. It should be ready to move in and you should make a full payment just in case. This means that off-plan items and payment plans are not accepted.

We will help you buy luxury real estate in Dubai

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