Things to Do First in The Cycle: Frontier

The player’s main objective in The Cycle Frontier is to explore, collect loot, and extract successfully. However,  you must do some things before proceeding with the objective. First, gear up, equipping yourself with only the necessary items. Secondly, you must know your weapons, identifying the perfect one for your playstyle.

Also, you must get familiar with the map, communicate, and think smart as you proceed. It’s always intimidating and thrilling once you drop into the huge map. So, you can do these things first to enjoy more guided success. 

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Things to Do First in The Cycle Frontier

  1. Prepare for your Adventure – Gear up

Whether you have some default beginner items or unlocked a few more powerful weapons, take only the items you need. Remember, if you die in the game, everything you have disappears. For instance, if you had equipped your hard-earned Manticore rifle and died, it’s gone unless you insure it. 

Insurance may not bring back your assault rifle, but it can compensate you for the lost item. But, instead of losing your valuable weapons and receiving compensation, you better equip yourself with items you can easily repurchase. You can gear up with ammo, a backpack, armor, and a knife. These things will help you in a few fights in the game. 

  1. Know your weapons – match to playstyle

There are different weapons in The Cycle Frontier. Before you dive into the game, get your hands on some early quest rewards and welcome bundles. But since you have access to a wide collection of weapons, it’s important to try as many as possible until you find the perfect one for your playstyle.

No matter how incredible your FPS skills are, if you’re not familiar with the weapons, it’ll be tricky to use them well. Some weapons you can consider include Scarab, Manticore, PKR Maelstrom, etc. In this collection, you can find powerful assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, etc. 

  1. Explore the Map – Find loot zones, resource locations

Exploring the map in The Cycle Frontier exposes you to many experiences and opportunities. It’s one of the best ways to find loot and recourses zones quickly. Also, exploring the map helps you devise shortcuts to make your adventure straightforward. 

Even if you get directions from the mini-map on your screen, shake things up a little. Take routes other players dare not to enter, discover secret spots for yourself, and map out safe zones. These will come in handy during extraction while holding off enemies from your evac ship.

  1. Communicate with everyone – Don’t trust

While this game differs from Call of Duty, Valorant, etc., communication here can be risky. Every player is pursuing one goal – extracting successfully – so they believe in getting rid of obstacles (including you). 

Communication becomes a must when you’re pleading for a spare or conveying your ideas to friendly players (if there are any). If you’re playing with your friends, there’s no issue. You can use voice chats or the voice wheel for solo players.

If you’re lucky enough, your friends can also warn you about the dangers. That way, you can devise a new strategy to bypass it. But for other players, you don’t know, be careful even when communicating with them. 

  1. Think Smart – Be quiet

Thinking smart and fast can guarantee your longevity and success in this game. For instance, since spending a few seconds in a drop spot can be dangerous, you should think of moving away instantly. Once you’re on your feet, move to a corner and look around for a while before moving again.

Also, if you come across a looting zone, think of how to reach it without losing your life. Instead of rushing to the loot, take a  slow, quieter step and look for preying players. Sometimes, they use loot as bait to draw and kill players. Think of how to get to the loot and return alive. 


Prepare for your adventure, know your weapons and identify the most suitable ones for your play style. Also, learn the map, communicate, and think smart. If you do these things first in The Cycle Frontier, you’ll have the best chances of success.

This game is one of the most frightening and addicting games in the FPS genre. While enemy players and deadly creatures threaten your life in the game, you can live up to a successful extraction with these early-to-do activities above. 

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