Unique Features Of PDFBear’s File Format Converter Tools

File formats are part of the advancement of our technology. With PDF, Word, and other file formats, you can easily send your files online. Also, you can save your files on your device and webmail accounts without any issues. In addition, you can make a creative presentation and images just by using file formats. 

PDF is among the commonly utilized file formats because of its astonishing security and versatile features. Editing a PDF file is common nowadays. Thus, using a reliable PDF editor tool would help a lot in making your file transformation easier. Since several online tools are available, let’s narrow it down to one web-based tool named the PDFBear.  

PDFBear In A Nutshell 

PDFBear is essentially a browser-based tool that has excellent features and services. It has top-rated tools that come with easy-to-follow procedures. Interestingly, this tool can provide all the essential file converter tools such as PDF To Word, Excel To PDF, PDF To PPT, and many other important converter tools. 

In addition, since PDFBear is a browser-based tool, you don’t need any software or download any application to make it functional. The key procedure to access PDFBear is to search for its website and apply for a subscription. PDFBear provides a free-trial promo, suitable to those who are not always dealing with file format and beginners. 

PDFBear has a lot more features to offer. For example, when you want to save your file on the internet, you can do it with PDFBear because it supports the Cloud System. With Cloud System, it would be easier for you to access your file online, and you can also save tons of memory space on your device. 

PDF To Word Tool  

It is true that once you convert your file format into a PDF file, it becomes secure since you can add a password into your PDF file, and your file cannot be modified. However, if you need to alter some information from your PDF file, it would be ideal if you transform it into a modifiable file format such as MS Word document format. 

Once you convert your PDF into an MS Word format using PDFBear’s PDF To Word tool, you can save ample time since you will not have to copy and paste the pieces of information that you need to alter. Copying and pasting is a mundane task, but it consumes much of your time if the file contains a lot of data. 

The process involved in transforming your PDF into a Word document format is easy when using PDFBear. You are only required with a few steps. First, you upload your file into PDFBear’s conversion area. Then, its system will process your file. Finally, after a few seconds, your file will be downloadable. 

Excel To PDF Tool 

Data is an integral part of every development and innovation. Without data, there will be no action place. Thus, innovations will be out of reach. When you have tons of raw data, you have to place it in one place to access it easily. Also, once you put it in a database, you can quickly analyze your data.

The Excel format is among the many databases that you can easily access. It is originally a file format with spreadsheets that helps you analyze and compute numbers and information efficiently. Today, most entry-level researchers use Excel as a database since it is comfortable to use. Also, you can easily manipulate and transfer files using the Excel format. 

But, no matter how good a file format can be, there’s also a downside to it. Excel format can easily be modified. If you always send your data in Excel format, your recipient might accidentally alter some essential data on your file. Thus, it would be better to convert it into a PDF format so that it will not be modified. 

With the use of PDFBear’s Excel To PDF tool, converting your Excel format will not be challenging. You are only required with a few clicks, and your file will be readily available. To start, you have to make your file accessible. Then, upload it in PDFBear’s tool. After that, once the system has recognized your file, it will be processed and will be available in a short time. Lastly, click your file’s link and download your file. 


There’s no doubt that PDFBear’s converter tool can alleviate your task in converting file formats. Also, there are still many file converter tools available on its website, along with other tools that can help you modify, optimize, and secure your PDF files. Try it now!

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