Antivirus software like Avast has been posing several problems in terms of the importenterpriseroots for the users of browsers like Avast. YOUR BROWSER IS BEING MANAGED ISSUE In the case of browsers like chrome the user can expect the message saying “your browser is being managed by your organization.

This message comes up because of the settings of the software that has been installed on the device. This happens when an external software like Antivirus sets up policies for the browsers like firefox. These messages can luckily be removed which makes it better for the user.

If avast antivirus is installed on the device, the settings page informs them about all the restrictions which come up because of the change settings. If the device is not registered with any organization then it may annoy all the different users of the device.

What Is Your Browser Is Managed By Your Organization Firefox?


“Managed by your organization” is an issue that can be found on the main menu of the browsers and it allows the administrators to change the browser settings. This is present on all the different types of browsers.

This message is displayed by firefox because of one or more policies of the browser and these can either support or disable the features of the working of the browser. The policies support has been implemented to prevent the users from facing any issue while using the browser.

A 3d party software can be used like anti-spyware, security sites, or extensions which can be applied to some of the policies. Whenever a new policy is applied your organization has disabled the ability to change some options problem comes up.

One can check about the policies which have been applied on firefox. It can be implemented using the window registry or the policies file in the installation directory. This means that certain policies are applied to the browser.

How Can The Problem Be Solved?

The firefox your organization has disabled some of the policies which have been reported to cause the error and in such cases, the user does not need to worry about the message. They can use the browser as it does not harm the computer. If no policy was added, the solution that will be mentioned further may help the user.

1. Using The Registry Editor

1. Press the windows and R key which will open the dialog box and then Regedit will open the registry editor.

2. Firefox is the main key and has all the policies in the browser which are to be deleted to remove them. Select firefox browser and press the delete key. YOUR BROWSER IS BEING MANAGED ISSUE

3. Close the editor and then launch the browser again. The error message may be checked again at the top of the options page.

2. Using The Policies File

1. Open the installation folder and then look for the distribution folder within it.

2. This folder contains the policies file which is used in firefox.

3. If the distribution folder is found delete it and then the files.

4. Open the browser again and check for the message on the browser on the options page.


What Is Importenterpriseroots?

The import enterprise roots is a policy that enables the user to read the SSL certificates from the windows and when it is not enabled the user cannot read them from the certificate store. The avast antivirus has been using this policy to intercept traffic to protect firefox users from malware and other harmful websites.

The firefox import enterprise roots preference is used by people to import any root certification authorities in the operating system for instance in the Avast antivirus software. Some of the policies and preferences have been added in the browser which prevents the user from getting access to certain features of the browser. To disable the enterprise roots the user can-

1. Disable the roots inside firefox by typing the required message and then pressing enter in the browser.

2. Search for the preference and then change the value so new authority certificates are attached to the web traffic.

3. The windows registry editor from the menu can also go into the following address and in the folder all, the policies are mentioned.

4. Edit the required policies in the .json file and remove the antivirus or addon.


The importenterpriseroots is an integral part of the browser and it allows the user to get access to the certificates. They can also access the certificate store and then read them according to the policy.

It will allow the browser to import the certificates and add them to the windows which has higher chances of receiving the message while browsing preferences. This is the cause of many applications and policies which are being used on the browser

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