10 Free Ad-Supported Streaming Services You Need to Use

A great deal of damage has been done to your wallet in the streaming wars. A number of streaming services charge a monthly fee, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+, Disney+, and Paramount+. 

You can find yourself racking up a pretty hefty bill after adding live streaming services, music apps, and gaming apps of your choice. However, other subscription services are available without breaking the bank, so it’s not all bad news. 

Free ad-supported TV, often abbreviated as FAST, is one such service, and there are many incredible options to choose from. In the world of connected TV viewership, it’s a free ride to some of the best entertainment around — that is if you don’t mind the ads! So let’s take a closer look at ten free ad-supported streaming services you need to use, in no particular order. 


As one of the most popular internet television services in the US, Comcast owns Xumo and operates over the internet. 

In 2011, the service was founded to offer viewers a free, ad-supported streaming television service and an advertising video-on-demand service, primarily providing a selection of programming content licensed directly from various content distributors. 

The website Xumo offers a rich array of free, on-demand video streaming channels, including sports channels, music channels, news channels, comedy channels, and television channels.


In addition to its traditional role as a media server, Plex offers free streaming services. The free movie and TV options are a tiny leap from using them to store digital content. For example, science fiction fans might enjoy watching 2001: A Space Odyssey again despite the selection being hit or miss. 

Aside from its linear television channels, Plex offers dozens of narrowly targeted channels hosting everything from poker tournaments to IFC shows. With Plex, you can search Sony’s Crackle and Plex libraries simultaneously. Founded in 2004, Crackle features gems like Train to Busan and Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes.


There are plenty of original shows and movies on NBC Universal’s Peacock subscription service. 

Peacock, however, offers a free tier, unlike Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount Plus. Additionally, some cable, TV, and cell phone customers of various companies receive free Premium and Premium Plus ad-free tiers.

Classic Cinema Online

There is a free online movie database called Classic Cinema, where users can watch classic full-length films from the 1920s to the 1980s. In addition, the genres of old cinema shorts and newsreels range from romance to westerns to action.

Roku Channel

With Roku streaming devices or TVs, Roku Channel offers free television streaming via smartphones, tablets, and online. In addition, there is an on-demand content selection along with Roku Channel’s channel guide.


PopcornFlix offers free TV shows, trailers, and full-length movies! Over 700 full-length movies of various genres are available in the app, which is updated daily with new content. In addition to distributing motion pictures to television networks worldwide, the company is a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, LLC.

Pluto TV

It also offers over 250 channels, including BBC, Star Trek, Minecraft TV, and CBS News, which are available on demand, free of charge. Survivor and South Park episodes are also available on Pluto because Paramount owns it.

The Pluto live channel selection is impressive, including a wide variety of genres and interests. In addition to TV dramas, crime, sitcoms, action and sci-fi series, on-demand TV content can be customized by genre. 

There are a variety of genres here, though the layout isn’t as user-friendly as the live channels. One strange thing about live streams is that you cannot pause them. There is only a mute button.

Tubi TV

Despite Tubi TV’s extensive library and live channel lineup, it offers much more free movie streaming than TV shows. Signing up for an account allows you to save your favorite shows and continue playback if you switch devices using this ad-supported network.

The package includes entertainment, weather and sports channels; Tubi offers live and local news streams. In addition, we can expect to find plenty of reality shows on the streaming site, including Hell’s Kitchen, Mcleod’s Daughters, and Dance Moms. 


Amazon’s Freevee streaming service, previously known as IMDb TV, is an ad-supported service that offers an extensive library of TV and movie content. Additionally, Freevee Originals and live channels will be available 24/7 in 2022 as part of the new name.

Though the service initially focused on movie streaming, TV shows are also available. AMC’s Mad Men and The X-Files seasons are available, along with movies like Deadpool, Judy, and Love, Simon. 

Sling Free

The Sling Free package offers free on-demand TV, movies, and live TV channels. Free Sling TV services include ABC News Live, Bon Appetit, Barstool Sports, The Walking Dead Universe, and kids’ shows like Adventure Time. Also available on demand are Brother vs. Brother and Hell’s Kitchen. 

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