What is the role of the Internet and how does it affect our lives

The Internet is one of the most global and significant inventions of mankind. Its appearance and improvement have already opened up tremendous opportunities for users, ranging from shopping from almost anywhere in the world, to ending communication, and a huge list of entertainment. A modern person visits many sites every day, without thinking about how the Internet affects our lives.

Over the past 10 years, the number of Internet users has doubled. In 2022, 5,000,000,000 people use the Internet, which is 63% of all people on Earth. The indicator grows every year by an average of 8%.

With the advent of the Internet and search engines, people have access to information at any time. Google is the most visited website in 2021. Every second, the search engine processes more than 100,000 queries. Now a person does not need to memorize a lot of information – it is enough to know where it can be found.

We understand how the Internet affects our lives and why it is criticized.

The positive impact of the Internet on people

The main benefit of the Internet lies in its almost limitless possibilities, which are becoming more extensive every day. Here are a few key factors as an example:

  • Communication at a distance. Relatives, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues can keep in touch, being in different cities, countries, and continents. Moreover, on the Internet, you can easily make new acquaintances for any purpose.
  • Buying and selling goods. Through the Internet today you can buy and sell literally everything – from food and clothing to real estate and car rental services anywhere in the world. For example, you can rent any supercar you like at the Dubai rental showroom like Evolve while sitting in New York or Madrid. With the online car hire booking platform with budget-friendly prices, you do not have to be where you purchase a service – it is enough to have access to the global network.
  • Financial management. Through Internet services, any operations are carried out, ranging from money transfers to paying utility bills, exchanging currencies, accumulating savings, and obtaining loans.
  • Awareness. You no longer need to wait for news on TV channels or radio stations to know the latest developments.
  • Personal development. The Internet opens up huge opportunities for self-improvement in all areas, including professional growth, mastering new specialties, etc.

The positive impact of the Internet on a person is obvious under the condition of proper use. On the Internet, you can communicate, receive psychological support, valuable advice, and practical recommendations, earn money, spend your free time interestingly, and find useful connections and contacts. But everything is relative.

The negative impact of the Internet on a person

All people are different in origin, values, and desires. In everyday life, not everyone thinks about how the Internet affects a person with its active daily use. After all, negative factors are not excluded.

One of the most serious is a sedentary lifestyle. If earlier you had to go to work a few blocks away, meet friends in the yard, in the park, or in nature, today many people cope with business remotely, prefer to correspond in instant messengers or talk via video, comfortably sitting on the couch. Definitely, active users began to move less.

Harmful and dangerous information. Content on many sites and even on social networks is not always useful. It is capable of breaking or destroying the psyche of a healthy person, leading to irreparable consequences. Children are especially vulnerable to negative influences. Manipulations with their consciousness sometimes end tragically.

In the current circumstances, the Internet and the individual are interconnected. Imperfect control over the actions of network users precludes complete security. This applies not only to psychological and physical health but also to financial well-being. Fraudsters find many ways, to develop numerous complex schemes to extort money. Gambling, shady pranks, and identity theft to get quick loans are just a few of the methods that deprive people of their livelihoods.

It is important to remember that the influence of the Internet on human health and well-being depends on the individual. You need to learn how to properly use the available opportunities, analyze information, and protect yourself from negativity and scammers.

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