Top Social Media Platforms That Use AR Filters

Augmented Reality filters are nothing new. But how advertisers are currently using them today is another story.

There are a few up-and-coming social media platforms that are starting to use AR filters more and more – and some of these platforms are introducing new, unique features that the others don’t. 

So, if you’re looking for an interesting way to engage with your followers on social media, check out these platforms that use AR filters!

What Are AR Filters and How Do They Work?

AR filters are a special type of lens that can be applied to photos and videos in order to add new visual elements. The most popular AR filters are those that can be used to change someone’s appearance, such as adding virtual makeup or altering their hairstyle. 

However, there are also filters that can add background effects, insert animated characters, or even change the weather. 

AR filters are built using a technology called augmented reality, which allows computer-generated images to be superimposed onto real-world images. When you open an AR filter in your camera app, your device will use the camera to detect specific points on your face (or in the environment around you), and then map the filter onto those points. 

This gives the illusion that the filter is actually part of the scene, rather than just being superimposed on top of it. AR filters have become extremely popular on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, where users can share photos and videos with their friends using different filters. 

While some AR filters are created by official accounts (such as brands or celebrities), anyone can create their own filter using readily available tools. This has opened up a whole new world of creativity, as users can now design their own unique filters and share them with others.

3 Top Social Media Platforms That Use AR Filters

There are tons of social media platforms to choose from these days. But if you’re looking for one that uses AR filters, here are three great options. They each have unique features, so be sure to check them out and see which one is best for you!


Facebook is one of the leading platforms for these types of filters. Using your camera, you can access a range of different AR filters that can change your hair color, add makeup, or even turn you into a cartoon character. 

The great thing about Facebook’s AR filters is that they’re constantly being updated, so there’s always something new to try. 

In addition, the company is always experimenting with new ways to use AR technology, so you can expect even more innovative features in the future. 

Whether you’re using them to play around with your appearance or to make a statement, AR filters are a fun way to interact with your customers on Facebook.


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms among young people, and a big part of its appeal is the use of augmented reality (AR) filters. 

These filters can be used to add fun effects to images and videos, and they have become increasingly elaborate over time. Snapchat offers a wide range of AR filters, from simple face-tracking filters that add virtual makeup or facial features to more complex filters that can change the world around you. You can even create your own custom filters using Snapchat’s built-in tools. 

AR filters are a big part of what makes Snapchat so popular, and they are likely to become even more common in the future.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over a billion active users. A big part of Instagram’s appeal is its wide selection of filters, which allow users to quickly and easily edit their photos. 

More recently, Instagram has begun to experiment with augmented reality Instagram story filters. These filters use your phone’s camera to detect your facial features and then apply digital effects in real-time.

AR filters are still in their early stages, but they have the potential to revolutionize the way we use Instagram.

How to Use AR Filters on Each Platform

If you’re looking for a way to give your business an edge on social media, you might want to consider using AR filters. AR filters are a great way to add a fun and interactive element to your posts, and they can also be used to promote your products or services. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to use AR filters for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

First, you’ll need to create a custom filter for your business. You can do this by using the filter creation tools in the respective apps. 

Once you’ve created your filter, you can then start promoting it to your followers. Make sure to include a call to action in your posts, telling people to try out your filter. You can also use hashtags and geotags to reach even more people.

AR filters can be a great way to boost engagement on social media, so make sure to give them a try!

The Benefits of Using AR Filters on Social Media Platforms

When used for marketing and promotional purposes, filters can be beneficial for your business in a number of ways. For one, AR filters can help generate buzz and excitement around your brand. They can also be used to drive traffic to your website or brick-and-mortar locations. 

Additionally, AR filters can be used to collect customer data, such as contact information and demographics. And because they’re so interactive and engaging, AR filters can also help to build brand loyalty among your customer base. 

Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are just a few of the social media platforms that have embraced augmented reality filters as part of their user experience. 

If you’re looking to jump on the AR bandwagon, it’s important to understand how these features work and what kind of impact they can have on your marketing strategy. 

Keep in mind that not all filters are created equal – some will be more popular than others, so do your research and test out different filters to see which ones resonate with your audience. 

Once you find a winner, make sure to promote it like crazy!

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