The 10 most successful states for video game development

All over the world, people use their mobile devices, tablets, and computers. It is not strange that sometimes they have a desire to play some kind of game. And in most cases, they are looking for free games that do not require cash investments. This is the only reason why the video game industry is gaining stable growth, progressing, and scaling. Thus, the professions of programmers-developers of games are also becoming more relevant, especially in the United States of America. It so happened that all video game companies in Florida and companies from other cities have offices in different US states. So, employees professionally develop games, focusing on modern and innovative realities of life.

Where are the famous companies located and what do they represent?

As statistics show, many gamers are interested in video games – from young to old. Players of different ages, as well as beginners and professionals, even learn how to make money on games where you need to invest money and there is an opportunity to withdraw winning funds from games. The industry is gaining popularity every year, so it can be concluded that video games will remain popular for a very long period of time.

So, who makes money on game development, in which states is this industry most developed, and what do you need to know about companies in different cities? TOP 10 states from less popular to more popular, which are considered leaders in this direction:

  1. Pennsylvania. This center is considered to be constantly developing, because it is there that video games are actively developed. The state has 19 companies that operate in this area. The income of game developers (educational and mobile) is very high and can reach approximately US $90,000.
  2. Colorado. It has 17 companies and 2 major issuers who are engaged in web development of interesting, unique and cool video games. As for the salary, programmers earn quite well – about $ 88,000 US.
  3. Oregon. This state has exactly the same as Colorado – 2 developers and 17 companies. At the same time, they all try to create very creative mobile games that are slowly but surely conquering the world. Employee salaries reach $92,000.
  4. Illinois. Surely, every gamer has heard of Mortal Kombat. It is this state that is considered the territory on which this well-known franchise was born. The cities are home to 27 companies and 2 well-known issuers that are actively creating video games. But the salary of employees is approximately $ 92,000 US.
  5. Florida. The territory, which includes such famous and popular cities as Orlando, Miami and others, has 2 issuers and 31 companies. They are actively involved in the creation of gaming software, but at the same time, some also own the world-famous franchise called “EA Sports Madden NFL”. But if we talk about people’s salaries, then in this area they reach $ 90,000.
  6. Massachusetts. This state has only 1, but a large issuer and 35 companies. Good, informative and very interesting video games are created on the territories of cities. If we talk about the franchise, then it is – “BioShock”, but the studio employees have an income of about $ 94,000 US.
  7. New York. Of course, there are many studios and issuers in the most popular metropolis and state. If we talk about companies, then there are 39 of them, but there are 11 issuers. But salaries reach up to $ 95,000 and more, so if the developer is creative, he can earn quite good money.
  8. Washington. There are 9 issuers and 86 companies located in the capital of America. All of them work on innovative computer technology, are aware of the trends in world web design, and are able to innovate in gaming software. As for famous games, they create ideal web entertainment products that many gamers around the world are interested in. Salaries reach $100,000 and more.
  9. Texas. This state is the birthplace of shooters. As for the companies, there are 118 of them, and 9 issuers are located in the cities. And here the salary rate of employees of all these studios reaches 102,000 US dollars.
  10. California. This is truly a real gaming center. It is there that the offices of 61 issuers and 314 companies are located. As for the salary of employees, they reach the figure of $ 104,000 US. All studios develop unique video games that bring huge income to the state and directly to investors and company executives.

All gaming companies san diego, as well as other cities, carry out activities at a high level, compete with dignity, and demonstrate high results. Each released game is better than the other one, so gamers definitely have something to evaluate.

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